Vasu Facial Beauty Oil Review

Hello lovelies,

Facial oils are a thing nowadays and I have been thinking of trying one since a long time.I particularly have dry skin so I wanted something that moisturises my skin and at the same time gives a youthful appearance.

Recently I came across this Product called Vasu facial beauty oil which is 100 percent natural face oil with kumkumadi tailam.I tried it for few days and experienced that my skin has become soft,supple and hydrated.I apply it daily at night after washing my face & before going to sleep.

Vasu Facial Beauty Oil

What is a facial oil?

Face oils are obtained through extraction – physical, or solvent-based, and mostly from fruits or seeds .

So Why should you use a face oil?

Face oils are designed to provide skin with moisture and lock in hydration. Typically formulated with a mixture of plant oils, they come in handy to soften, nourish, and balance skin for a healthy-looking glow.

About Vasu Facial Beauty Oil

This product has been formulated by Vasu healthcare which is India’s leading ayurvedic and herbal cosmetic product company .


It comes in a white gold cardboard box and a brown colored glass bottle.It has a dropper applicator for easy application of the oil.

Key Ingredients

•Kumkumadi tail which is known for youthful appearance and it’s anti aging properties.

•Argan oil.




INR 440 for 25ml.

Buy it here

Side effects

The product is free from any toxins and doesn’t have any side effects.Skin sensitive to oil application needs to be tested for suitability prior to application.

How to apply?

Wash face and pat dry.Gently massage 2-3 drops of Vasu Facial Beauty Oil over face and neck till it gets absorbed.Ideally it should be kept overnight and then washed in the morning .

How to use Vasu Facial Beauty oil with Makeup?

1.Applying Vasu Face oil before your foundation can help to boost your skin’s hydration.

2.Mixing 1-2 drops of Vasu face oil with your primer can act as a great glowy makeup base.

3.Add a bit of Vasu face oil to your foundation to get that dewy glow.

What I liked about Vasu Facial Beauty Oil ?

-It is Free from any chemicals and artificial fragrance.

-It is non greasy and non sticky .

-Gives Gold-Like Glow to the Skin.

-Makes the skin soft and supple.

What I Didn’t like?

The smell is not that great because it doesn’t use any artificial fragrance (but in a way that’s good)

Final review-8/10

My take-I think Vasu Beauty Facial Oil is a good choice to add to one’s night care skin routine.As we age our skin stops producing collagen,this oil helps in boosting the collagen and revitalises the skin elasticity.It helps maintain a youthful appearance of skin overcoming hyper-pigmentation, age spots,wrinkles and blemishes.It is 100 percent natural face oil with kumkumadi tailam and is non greasy and gets easily absorbed in the skin.

For now ,I am loving the natural glow it is giving to my skin! Will keep you all updated about how it works for my wrinkles and fine lines.

If you want to know more about this product you can visit @vasuhealthcare on Instagram .

Do share in the comment box if you have any other great product in mind for facial oils and do let me know your experience if you happen to use this one.


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