Wear this Foundation for a Fresh and Natural look.


Today I am going to review L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion which I have just ordered for the second time.As far as makeup is concerned,I usually don’t stick by a particular product because I love trying new products each time and the greedy part of me always says ‘there’s something better..’

But this one has made me a fan for now,and that’s the reason I thought of writing about it.Well,I think that pretty much explains the rest of the review.

So I will start with what I really loved about this one and how’s it different from the rest-

1.Perfect Coverage

A common problem with most foundation makeup is getting that perfect coverage.Little becomes too less and more becomes a horror story -cakey and overdone,an accident that happens with most of us.

True match lumi cushion gives the perfect coverage to skin while keeping it subtle at the same time.

2.Gives a Fresh and Natural glow.

This is my most favourite part,because when you have applied foundation & people compliment you for your naturally beautiful & glowing skin,you know you have the right makeup. 😉

3.Easy to Use

It comes with a sponge applicator and a mirror inside that makes quick touch-ups more convenient.

4.Gentle On Skin

It feels light on the skin,blends well and doesn’t not clog pores.


Well I can’t think of any,but if you have an oily skin you might anyway prefer a matte foundation.

Or if you want a heavy coverage then this might not be for you.

Do I recommend it-YES.

My rating -4.5/5

You can shop it HERE

The opinion expressed above is my own,unbiased and honest experience of the product.

More Info-

True match is a liquid foundation infused in an innovative sponge that gives a perfect coverage to skin.

– Available in 16 true-to-skin shades.

– For all skin types.

– Safe for sensitive skin.

– Does not clog pores.

If this motivates you to try it,Dont forget to share your experiences here.

Happy Shopping !


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