Why being ‘Mentally Fit’ is the need of the hour?

In the age of Instagram and dating apps, Going to gym and showing off a physical fitness routine has become more of an obsession than a matter of good health. Social media showing picture-perfect lives and bodies have gotten the youth in a rat race that’s not only deteriorating their self-esteem and mental health but painting a wrong picture about real life. More and more youth are just drifting away from the real essence of life and creating lives that are shallow on the outside and hollow on inside.

Merely crafting bodies that look good would not make you feel good on the inside. You spend a lot of money on polishing your external skin but what about the inner?

The lack of knowledge about mental fitness has led to increased depression and suicide cases in our society.Despite having everything in their lives, modern society especially the youth are getting into the trap of drugs and substance abuse. Ignoring your mental health and a poor mental fitness level is a major reason behind this. Many people would agree that despite having a six figured decent salary, funfilled weekends and a good set of friends and family, they still feel lost about their lives. They cannot experience true happiness and joy. They feel empty!

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

This emptiness is sign that you have not been paying attention to your inner self.External factors may give happiness for a short period of time but prolonged contentment and joy is only felt when you keep yourself fit on the inside and that can only happen when you achieve clarity of mind with the regular practice of meditation and art of rightful thinking.

Remember if you are mentally fit you will always remain physically fit, but if you are not mentally fit even physical fitness won’t help you sustain for long.

So let’s make mental fitness a trend. Let us make it cool, let us make ourselves aware for our own good.

If we can take out 2 hours daily for our external bodies, Can we spare 15-20 minutes a day for our mental fitness routine?


3 responses to “Why being ‘Mentally Fit’ is the need of the hour?”

  1. […] This is the reality of the millennial generation that mainly focuses on material pursuits & considers it a gateway to social recognition and happiness. Majority of our lives are spent in validating ourselves to other people, and cluttering more and more physical things in a notion that they shall make us happy and socially accepted. But none of that happens and life gets distressing and destructive stuck in a lacuna of worldly ambition, material aspiration, competition, & envy which leave behind a trail of anxiety, depression and unhappiness. […]


  2. Jyoti Meena😊 Avatar
    Jyoti Meena😊

    Absolutely right..


    1. Yeah:)Thanks for your comment.


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