How Meditation Helped Me in Becoming a Better Version of Myself


My MOM-An Ever-pure,Ever-gorgeous soul.

During my teenage years,I had several misunderstandings with my mother.Like a typical teen,I would not listen to her and bicker about everything she tried to teach me. I am also guilty of not appreciating her enough as a person in those days.

I just felt she is weak and doesn’t have a voice of her own because she would always stay under the decisions of my father.When I compared her to other children’s moms,I felt she doesn’t love and support me enough because she would neither stand for me nor for herself.She would always keep others before her.And that made me wonder why she plays this sacrificing timid lady despite being educated and financially independent.

No matter what I thought,that didn’t effect the love we had for each other however my thoughts did stick by for a long time…

Until I began exploring life on a deeper level.Introducing myself to spiritual knowledge and meditation is probably the best thing I have done in all these years.Because two years back,when I started meditating,my mind opened like a parachute.It’s like life shows you a mirror,not the one which you see everyday but a mirror of self introspection and self-realization.I think this is one of the most golden opportunity that life can offer anyone where for once you begin to analyze not others but your own self.I would rather say-its a super power!Only if we could judge and rectify ourselves instead of others,I am sure half of the world problems would disappear!

And so I took a step towards self-introspection and realized that-

I had mostly been critical and inconsiderate.

I had always been in the‘expectation‘ or ‘i want‘ mode.

I was not appreciative.

I had only cared for myself and my feelings.

This lesson of self introspection is definitely not a pleasant one and gives you a feeling like you have been living in a fools paradise all these years.So much love to give and receive and you have remained so unfortunate for not allowing yourself to experience it completely.

Judgement and slander can block so much of love to reach us.

But better late than never..

After self-introspection begins the journey to self-improvement-The Three Golden Rule.

1.Be the change you want to see

If you want to be loved,love others first.

The first rule says-If you want to see a change around,you need to change yourself first.

If I could change my energy towards other people ,the way I thought about them,they would also reciprocate with the same energy.Of course they would take their own sweet time but it does happen eventually.

Changing the way you think and feel about others is a continuous process and a diligent practice which can be achieved through meditation.I did experience this magic and realised it really is a game of perspective!

Read more about this in my post-How to heal your relationships with spirituality

2.The second lesson is more important than the first -You cannot change others.You only have the power to change yourself.

From June to September,morning to evening we all are just trying to change the other person.You simply cannot do that.It is impossible.

So I learned that I have the POWER to transform myself and my world but the moment I make it about others,I lose my power.

3.Four-Letter word SALT

While preparing the curry of love,don’t forget to put SALT!

Spend quality time.




With a continuous practice of meditation and following the three golden rule,I started to see my mother like never before.

I began to see the goodness and strength in her.Being a working lady,she had balanced family,work and raised us 3 children single handed (as my father was mostly away for the call of his duty).She had always kept the family needs before her own and taught us to lead a value based life,to be kind and generous towards others.As children we always saw her giving.This is the character of not timid but a pure & strong soul.

My heart overpoured with love and respect for her.

I understood that making sacrifices and keeping others before you is not a weakness but a virtue & strength of few.

I understood,the complaints I had with her were only because of my centric behavior.It was me who always complained & expected but never gave her anything in return.

And I thank spirituality for giving this wisdom to me .
because we share an even more beautiful relationship now:)

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