How to Meditate in a Simple and Effective way.

Meditation is not magic.

It is not going to transform your life overnight.If you are reading this, chances are someone has already recommended meditation to you.

Meditation is a great tool and a mindful practice that is beneficial only if you have the desired-will and dedication to allow it to change your life.If knowing this makes you weak in knee already,be assured it’s not for you.

But it’s easy, it’s accessible and you don’t need to spend money over buying fancy equipment nor do you need to spend long hours trying to slip into it.It is a simple practice for mental training that can be performed anywhere and any time similar to a physical workout like going to gym.

STAGE 1: Prepare yourself for meditation

Getting into a right frame of mind is important to be able to perform meditation more successfully.To make the most out of it,I would suggest that one should prepare themselves first by making some changes in their daily life.Here’s how-

1.Feed your mind with positive information.

Begin with examining your daily thoughts.Have you ever wondered why our first thoughts about people,things or situations in life are generally negative?

Let us consider a situation,where one of our loved one does not return home till late in the evening.We are anxious and worried and trying to contact them but they seem unreachable.So what kind of thoughts come to us in such a situation?

A person could be late due to any reason..but why negative thoughts associated with fear,anxiety or anger come so naturally to us ?

This is because our brains have been conditioned to think negative.A majority of medium that we call an integrated part of our lives like newspapers,television or social media play a major input in endorsing negative thoughts and false values to our belief system.

You are what you feed your mind.

So,here’s the deal.

Begin your day with positive news.Make it a point to pro actively feed your mind by watching or reading motivational,spiritual and inspirational information.Spend time with positive people,engage in positive conversations.Avoid negative media/energy.

Once you get into the habit of sending and receiving right ideas,you will begin to notice a subtle change in your mindset.This small change will add up in a big way and you will become more in control of your life.

Make this a habit and follow this method for at least 3 days before starting meditation.

2.Move from Body consciousness to Soul-consciousness.

Soul consciousness is identifying oneself as soul and not as physical body.The body perishes after a time but the soul remains and is eternal. Practicing soul consciousness helps us to detach from a false sense of self and look for inner virtues than focusing on external body and material world.

STAGE 2:Meditation Technique

Once the mind becomes a source for positive information and we move to soul-consciousness from body-consciousness ,gradually we can change our inner world to create the outer world we want.

During meditation we rewire and recondition our minds to connect with our true authentic-self.

Follow these steps:


Find a calm and secluded place to relax.

Sit in a comfortable position with back straight.Those who can’t sit on floor can sit on a chair/sofa as per their comfort .

Take a deep breath.Inhale and exhale for 10 times.Concentrate and feel your breath as it gently goes inside and comes back out.


Disconnect from all the outer activity for a while.Close your eyes(you can do this with open-eyes as well)

Do the ‘OM’ chanting for 10 times.You can choose any other mantra that may help you focus.


Imagination is an important ingredient of meditation.Through imagination and positive self-affirmations,we harness our mind in creating thoughts that would lead us to our vision of happy life.

The source of all energy is universe or the supreme energy.Imagine the light of supreme soul,a pure white energy guiding you and entering your body.

Ask questions to yourself.

Who am I?


I am a soul on a journey.

Nothing of this world belongs to me.

I don’t belong to anything or anyone.

I am free from worldly faults of ego,greed,anger,hatred,false attachment or sense of self.

I am blessed child of god.God loves me.

I am grateful for whatever I have.

What kind of soul am I?


I’m a pure and peaceful soul

Imagine the white energy of purity and peace flowing through your head to toe and your entire body.As the energy flows,feel that each cell of your body has become calm,peaceful and pure.

I am a loving and kind soul

Feel the energy of love and kindness flowing through each cell of your body.Imagine you are full of kindness and love for others.

I am a giving soul

Imagine yourself doing things selflessly for people around you,bringing smile on people’s face and feel the true joy it brings to you.

I am a happy soul

Feel a sense of joy and happiness in your body ,as if you have become a child again and you are happy without a reason.

What is my purpose?


My purpose is to give,give and give.

I give love and respect to each one.

I treat each being with kindness and compassion.

One can use more positive self-affirmations but remember to have faith in what you tell yourself.You can also repeat the set of questions if you feel distracted.


Remain calm for few moments before you finish the meditation.Imagine yourself sitting silently in a beautiful place alone with no worldly attachments and desires.Just experience the beauty of the world god has created-The cool breeze,blue ocean,the sky,green fields and everything else that soothes your senses.

Practice steps 1-4 in the morning,before bedtime or as many times you want throughout the day.

Remind yourself to follow the affirmations.

Analyze whether you followed what you practiced during meditation.

Ask questions.

Did I maintain the virtues of peace,purity,love and respect towards others?

Was I grateful ?Was I kind?

Did I thank god? Did I remember my true self and purpose ?

You can also make a diary to make a note of your progress.Here’s a pic of how I analyze my day-

Once the soul is cleansed of impurities and the light of purity starts entering your life,you will gain clarity of mind and perspective.You will start to differentiate between superficial and real ,you will become a better judge of right wrong ,truth and lies.You will get to know yourself and your role in this world in a better way.

Things to know before you meditate

  • Meditation is a wonderful practice but its ‘YOU’ who has to use this tool to change your world.
  • Meditation may not finish or lessen your problems but it will certainly make you strong enough to face them in the most emotionally stable way.
  • The duration of meditation depends on one’s comfort.To start out one can meditate for 5-10 min.There after,one may extend if needed.
  • Don’t give up.Initial days can bring up confusion as you will find thoughts racing in a usual manner and in a hope of a miracle,one can even feel disappointed but slowly the thoughts shall begin to form their place and one would understand the process.

5 responses to “How to Meditate in a Simple and Effective way.”

  1. Rajan Srivastava Avatar
    Rajan Srivastava

    I agreed with all your thought except imagination. My understanding is imagination is related to Maya (illusion) and meditation is a path to coming out of the illusion. this imagination word came from the western world to make it easy. That is why they have created guided meditation. Thanks for giving one more topic to create a blog post and good luck with your good website!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think each to his own.There can be several ways to meditate and one must stick to what they find the most beneficial. I agree that imagination may be related to maya in some way but it depends on what kind of imagination one is creating during meditation.Here,we are creating thoughts to rewire the brain to make a shift from a material-based-outer world to a value-based-inner consciousness.I do believe that imagination has great power and it can create new neural pathways in your brain that can cause permanent changes in life.Thanks for sharing your thoughts here and waiting for your new blog post:)


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