What is Meditation?

Meditation is a term commonly misunderstood and misinterpreted in the modern times.Many associate it with yoga or some kind of a religious activity while others believe it to be some sort of practice reserved only for saints or holy men.

So what exactly is meditation?

Let us think of our mind as a monkey ,a mischievous one!The monkey is never silent and always needs some matter to play with.It continuously blabbers,creates all kinds of thoughts and sometimes does not even let you work,focus or even sleep.This is because the monkey does not know how it should behave-because no one taught the monkey!

An untamed monkey over the time gains complete power and control over one’s thoughts leading to negative impact on growth and creativity needed to sustain a healthy life.

The monkey mind needs to be trained!

This training is called meditation-Training the mind to think right.

‘What we think,we become’

It is true that we create our lives through our own thoughts in a conscious or unconscious way.Every action starts from a thought.Right thoughts send the right energy enforcing positive actions while wrong thoughts create negative impact and result.

Many people believe that we cannot control our thoughts and that they randomly come to us .The good news is that we can easily control our thoughts.YES! We can choose consciously what to think,when to think and with practice we can master the art of right thinking which comes from regular meditation.

Practice kind,loving,positive,self-talk during meditation and see how it calms the monkey.

One can say that meditation is a practice that we learn and master with time like any other activity-like learning a new language,or driving a car.It is an approach to a ‘fit mind’ similiar to the way that going to a gym is an approach towards a fit body. But one has to be consistent and devoted to relish its fruits.

Read my upcoming post on How to meditate  to rewire your brain for a happy and healthy life.

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