This Place Near Shimla is a Hidden Gem


Are you a nature lover?Have you been looking to explore a place that is offbeat,unique and away from the hustle bustle of the city crowd.Then this might be the hidden gem that you have been looking for!

Around 50kms fom shimla,Kali ka Tibba is a Kali Devi temple situated in a small hill station Chail of Himachal Pradesh,India. More than it’s religious importance it is popular for its mesmerising and jaw-dropping scenic view. Located on a mountain known as Blossom, this place gives a 360-degree panoramic view of Shivalik ranges and the Choor chandni peak.

How to Reach

If you want to visit this place,you will first have to travel to Chail which is about 349 kms from Delhi.Once you are in Chail,You can reach Kali Ka Tibba temple by your own vehicle or a taxi but the road is narrow and bumpy so a small car would be more comfortable. We decided to walk up the temple(about 2kms) which was little tiring but a good workout.There’s also a trek route for those who love hiking .

The temple is extremely clean and well maintained. There’s a water outlet at the entrance and a restroom facility inside for the visitors.

The temple inhabits the idols of Maa Kali, Ganesh and Lord Shiva.One can experience the peace,divine energy of this place and it’s a a great spot to meditate and sit in solace for hours.

The lush green mountain ranges,the blue sky ,the virgin hills around gives you the most unparalleled view of your life.

For once I felt i was in some other world:)Calling it a paradise wouldn’t be an exaggeration!

When in Chail,One must not miss this place for witnessing the natural beauty and experiencing the divine bliss!


  • Carry your water if you decide to walk up.
  • Carry warm clothing if you are going in chilly months as it’s really windy & cold up there.
  • The area has no commercial hub or shops around. So carrying your own eatables(if you plan to stay for long) is advisable.
  • Don’t forget to carry a camera to capture some of the most gorgeous views.




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