10 Ways to Experience True Happiness and Joy in Life.

Caught in an era of materialism, false identities and rat race, often one gets overtly tired and becomes a dissatisfied pawn, one that is always seeking but is never able to find true happiness or satisfaction.

This is the reality of the millennial generation that mainly focuses on material pursuits & considers it a gateway to social recognition and happiness. Majority of our lives are spent in validating ourselves to other people, and cluttering more and more physical things in a notion that they shall make us happy and socially accepted. But none of that happens and life gets distressing and destructive stuck in a lacuna of worldly ambition, material aspiration, competition, & envy which leave behind a trail of anxiety, depression and unhappiness.

Shallow value system, consumer culture and a programming from childhood that only emphasizes on outward distractions and ignores the inner spirit are the major factors responsible for this extrinsic material driven behavior. We are socially conditioned to use possessions as a yardstick to success. We have learned that people, things or achievements would make us happy and that our happiness is dependent on them. Studying well, securing a good job, having a house, getting married, having children etc. these are few of the top lies which society sells to us as a formula for happiness. But what no one tells is that these are worthless baubles that provide temporary joy and then disappear thereby creating hunger for more baubles to be consumed.

The more you consume, the more hungry you get and more you chase…But never are you fulfilled!

A truly fulfilled and meaningful life can be achieved once we make a shift from outer material dependency to an inner spiritual awareness which restores us to our original nature of peace,love and respect. Unfolding the real self and shedding old layers of conditioning requires a strong determination and continuous practice. And then one can experience the power that lies within waiting to be discovered. Remember! That means breaking the old mindset and creating a new one, letting go of old beliefs and lies and replacing them with purity and truth.

I am sharing 10 simple ways as how one can make this subtle shift in life and experience unlimited joy and contentment. Everything starts from a thought, so changing ‘a thought a day’, practicing daily affirmations and slowly making them an integral part of one’s life can help towards the transformation.

1.Let go of I, Me, Myself

Clinging or attaching oneself to a false sense of self, getting too attached to material things or people shall always give rise to ego and melancholy. Nothing in this world belongs to us, nothing shall remain forever.

2.Shift from ‘Getting to Giving’

This simple practice cultivates the habit of giving without thinking about what you might get back.

3.Focus on the virtues of love, peace, kindness, bliss, joy & purity. Experience and practice them in daily life.

4.Practice meditation.Learn the right technique.

5.Work on one’s bad habits and sanskars.Give up addictions/ habits that harm the mind and body.

6.Avoid negative news/information and feed one’s mind with daily dose of positivity.

7..Learn to appreciate.

8.Minimize social media interaction and spend more time with family, friends and loved ones.

9.Practice gratitude.

10.Forgive,Forget and have a good-will towards all.

Daily affirmation:

I am a pure, peaceful and loving soul.

My heart is filled with unconditional love and kindness for others.

Giving without any expectations is my nature and dharma.

I am blessed child of god and I am grateful for all his blessings.

I forgive those who have hurt me for they are also children of god but ignorant right now.

The change begins from me. Everything around me changes, if I change my wrong sanskars and nature.

My only purpose in this life is to spread happiness, serve others and attain good karma.


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